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Companies of Friends

When I die, let them judge me by my company of friends Let them know me as the footprints that I left upon the sand Let them laugh for all the laughter Let them cry for laughter’s end But when … Continue reading

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A Winter Canvas

Humptulips County is frost-bound.  No form-stealing blankets of snow for us: just intricate rime overlying every living or inert thing, as if each were a piece of furniture adorned with lace doilies or antimacassars.  The temperature is near freezing; the sky is cloudless, open … Continue reading

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The Qualities of Grace

There is beauty in the unusual, both because of its startling qualities and of its inherent uniqueness.  Sometimes the unusual is simply the ordinary turned inside out, such that, upon first viewing, nothing seems amiss until matters are put into context. Winter’s unusualness is similar to … Continue reading

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