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To Each His Own Mélange

Some people move through our lives and then they’re gone like the morning rain. Some stand with the stillness of a soldier at their post and never change. Some dance along the waterline like waves against the coast. Some forever haunt you … Continue reading

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Reunions Good and Bad

It is the summer of my 50th high school reunion, an event I have elected to miss.  I have some modest curiosity about what everyone I once knew has done with their lives, but not enough to travel to Eastern … Continue reading

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Ah, The People We Met

And he was easily riled and likely to shout Frequently wrong but never in doubt Cheryl Wheeler, Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt I finished the thing; but I think I sprained my soul. Katherine Ann Porter on her novel Ship … Continue reading

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American Myths

We spent three days in Budapest recently, and, as we are wont to do, we got into a discussion with one of the crewman on our ship, a young man who previously lived in the United States for about three … Continue reading

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