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The Ways of Things Mechanical and Electrical

I am sitting in a car dealership while my car is being serviced and while they decide how much more they can find to charge me for before they reach my flash point.  I don’t know what it is about car … Continue reading

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A Spring Thunderstorm

We’ve had a week of stormy weather at the Farm, a crazy quilt of weather that’s swung from gentle rain to soaking rain to cloudiest to hail, and back around the horn again.  And again. Last evening, this craziness culminated in a thunderstorm.  Not just any thunderstorm, … Continue reading

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It’s very early morning.  By all measures, I should be asleep, but I find myself writing  instead.  The house is utterly silent except for the clicking of my keyboard keys, my fellow occupants either asleep or quiet in their wakefulness.  The driving winds … Continue reading

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A Friend Turned 90 This Week

A friend of mine turned 90 this week, just as I will likely turn 68 at mid-month.  There is nothing inexorable about turning 90, or even 68, even if the continual rotation of the clock’s hands remind us that the passage of time is.  … Continue reading

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An April Dawn

The dawn lies heavily upon the Farm under a sky of clotted cream, the not-quite-day swaddled in a weighty silence broken only by the repeated call of an unknown bird.  Its call is loud, insistent, forceful – an unyielding demand for a brighter day than this dawn promises.  This dawn … Continue reading

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