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A Mug’s Game

I’ve been writing for some time, and just looked up to find that it has started to snow.  So far, the snowfall is light and none of it is sticking, but the weathermen have been spreading rumors that we might have up to 5″ of snow before the … Continue reading

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The Virtue of a Small, Small Place

“If there is such a thing as being conditioned by climate and geography, and I think there is, it is the West that has conditioned me. It has the forms and lights and colors that I respond to in nature … Continue reading

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Moonlight and Snowfall

It is 4:00 AM.  Despite my usual practice of turning on one downstairs light to help guide my way to the stairs which lead to our library, I left it off this morning.   Accordingly, the house is completely dark except for the light I … Continue reading

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