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Labels, We Sling Labels!

Perhaps nowhere else [than in America] will you find such a discrepancy between people and myth, between life and the representation of life.  An American said to me: “The trouble is that we are all eaten by the fear of … Continue reading

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Daffodils, Robins, and Snakes, Oh My!

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Woodsman, and the Scarecrow as they pass through the forest before meeting the Cowardly Lion, The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum. In Just- spring          when the world is … Continue reading

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Sing, Damn You, Sing!

I’m an orphan thirty years on how I miss my father’s voice and my mother’s arms I was you once, and now you’re me it’s in this circle that we make a family Jubilee, Gretchen Peters And there are more … Continue reading

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First Walk

“Hadn’t thought about a walk as being a repetition of a theme,” said Derek, abruptly harking back to Sandy’s string of questions and considering his own past, “but I suppose it might be.  It’s just that you learn so much … Continue reading

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