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Poking the Elephant

“Simply put, to get to the heart of this country, one must examine its racial soul. Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been, and I believe we … Continue reading

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Peanut CEO Takes The Fifth

The above is the title of a breaking article about the President of The Peanut Corporation of America who is under subpoena to testify before a Congressional Committee today and who is refusing to testify, citing his Fifth Amendment … Continue reading

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Traps For the Unwary Philosopher

While I am always amazed at the traps we create for ourselves, even more amazing to me is our inability to see that most traps are of our own creation and that the easy way out is simply to decide … Continue reading

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Can Stumbling Be a Good Teacher?

While patience can be a virtue, it certainly hasn’t served me well these last two weeks as I have watched, waited and wondered at what our new President might do next. While it seemed for a time that he was … Continue reading

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